The Haven Smokehouse

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The Haven Smokehouse

Declan has built a traditional timber framed smokehouse on our land. It’s just him, me and baby Lara, trying to make magic happen with a smokehouse, a fire, some turf and some organic salmon!

All of our salmon is sourced from Marine Harvest at Fanad Head, its organic, harvested salmon,

The salmon goes into the smokehouse the same day we receive it, the day it come out of the sea.  Declan does everything himself, he hand filets and hand cures  the salmon and prepares it for smoking, there is no machinery involved in our process apart from putting the kettle on for a cuppa!  The salmon is hung on hooks, hardly anyone does it that way anymore, it’s smoked gently over a few days.  We cold smoke the salmon using Turf from the local land and some beech-wood chippings.  It’s a unique flavour, smoky, sweet, luscious..